Updated WIA repeater list and radio repeater maps!

It’s been a long time coming, but the Wireless Institute of Australia has finally released their latest Repeater Directory Update.

I’ve already gotten stuck into the listings and at the time of writing have almost all of the maps updated to the latest spec.

The DMR map is currently broken due to a Google server issue and I’m working to get this sorted ASAP.

12/10/2021 UPDATE – The DMR repeater map is all fixed now laughing

Unfortunately there are still a lot of discrepancies between this version of the directory (211009) and a lot of the manual submissions I have received from the community over the last few months. Please bear with me as I go through my inbox and make the updates where possible to include some of the listings you have all sent through to me.

For good, bad or otherwise the WIA repeater list still serves as the primary data source for all of my Australian radio repeater maps. Unfortunately when the updates to this document are delayed so too are the updates to my database and maps.

To those of you who have contacted me over the last couple of months asking when the site would be updated – thank you for your patience, feedback and kind words.

I’m working on a refresh of Online Repeater Maps that will start to move the site away from its reliance on the WIA Repeater Directory but with family, business and the pandemic my time to work on this project has been very limited. For those who are interested I will be posting a blog here shortly going over some of the updates and plans for the site.

Hopefully you are all making it through this tricky time OK and are staying safe.

Cheers and 73,